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Root Canal

Routine dental procedure :- Scaling, fillings, teeth Extraction.
Process of Root CanalFirst, the dentist will give you local anesthesia—this means an injection near the bad tooth. Other than this little prick, you won’t feel much pain throughout the procedure. Then he proceeds to drill away the top part of the infected tooth to expose what is called the “pulp” of the tooth. The pulp is a bunch of tissues, nerves, arteries and veins that connect your tooth to your jaw bone. This is the part that bacteria have eaten away and damaged, causing you toothache.
Now the dentist uses small “files” to chip away and remove the part of the pulp that is infected. He will also clean out small pathways, or “canals,” that run from your tooth to your bone. Then he sprays/places medicines in the hollow to kill any remaining germs and prevent further microbial infection. Finally, the cleaned area is temporarily stuffed with a soft material.
On further sittings, the hollow is packed with “fillings” and then a permanent crown is affixed on top of the treated tooth. This crown may be made of porcelain or metal, as per your choice.
After the TreatmentYou may have some pain, soreness or swelling for a day or two after the procedure. The dentist may decide to prescribe you painkillers and antibiotics to help in recovery. Most people can resume normal routine within 24 hours.

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Dr. Atul Bhat did his Graduation in 2000 SPDC Wardha and Post Graduate from MDCRC. Indore in oral And maxillo facial Pathology. He is Presently associated as a Senior lecturer Indore. In sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry & P.G. Institute Indore. He has been practising dentistry since last 16 years doing all type of Dental treatment procedures with special emphasis on cosmetic dentistry & Endodontics During these year he has done various advanced courses on smile designing,

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