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Gum Surgery With Laser

Gum disease is common. Unfortunately, getting it treated isn’t. Many people avoid gum disease treatment because traditional methods hurt and recovery is long and inconvenient.

Traditional gum surgery is intimidating.
A scalpel is used to cut deeply into the gums so the bacteria can be scraped out.
The cutting and scraping makes the gums bleed heavily (general anesthetic is required).
Healthy gum tissue is destroyed in the process. Patients wake up with a lot of stitches and bandages packed between their gums and teeth.

Recovery takes time and prescription pain medication is often needed. Dietary restrictions are in order – nothing but soft foods for at least a week.

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Advanced dental care has been established in the year 2000 and has been successfully treating the patients Maintaining the quality practice, proper sterlisation protocols & Incorporation of recent techniques.

Dr. Atul Bhat did his Graduation in 2000 SPDC Wardha and Post Graduate from MDCRC. Indore in oral And maxillo facial Pathology. He is Presently associated as a Senior lecturer Indore. In sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry & P.G. Institute Indore. He has been practising dentistry since last 16 years doing all type of Dental treatment procedures with special emphasis on cosmetic dentistry & Endodontics During these year he has done various advanced courses on smile designing,

Endodontics & orthodontics to keep in tune with the latest trends & updates in the field of dentistry.