How life coaching works

 Coaching is becoming one of the best methods of taking anyone from where they are today to where they want to be. A coach’s job is to tap into your creativity and resourcefulness through confidential, non judgemental dialogs. Sometimes top level strategies like goal setting or habit change can help.

But what about the factors under the surface that take us to undesired outcomes?

Your beliefs drive your thoughts. Thoughts in turn drive emotions.

Most people know they are physically capable of achieving what they desire. In the logical world, we place a lot of importance on physical capability and ignore emotional aspects.

However, emotions are POWERFUL SOURCES. They cloud our judgement, making us unable to see who we really are. 

Emotions are psycho physiological reactions to your thoughts.


Most people think emotions are driven by outside contacts, circumstances external to them. If this is true, you become a victim of everything going on around you. You are in the back seat and the driver is one too many.

What if you could observe your thoughts and treat them as a separate entity? 

When you observe your thoughts, you begin to take control. 

self ≠ Thought

This separation between self and thought ie the most powerful concept to any form of self development or personal transformation,

Your beliefs are your personal filters. They have been formed through your childhood days, schooling, circumstances. Clue to arrive at these beliefs comes from observing your thoughts. Once you and your coach identify these beliefs, keep the ones which serve you and let go of ones that don’t. 

When an unhelpful negative thought is undone, it cannot hold you back anymore or cause you pain. 

Sometimes it may not be required to change beliefs. By just becoming aware of your triggers that are causing certain emotions, you will be better able to handle it.

Through the coaching process, your old way of thinking soon fades away and the new way of thinking comes into place. 

Once you have awareness, there is no going back to old patterns.

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